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Christmas Parade Fun
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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 05:40


I hope you enjoyed the Santa Clause Parade last weekend! It may have been a chilly one but it was great to see so many smiling faces AND we had a lot of fun decorating the trailer and the KAOS cruiser!

If you didn’t see it this year you’re gonna have to wait a whole year for your next chance. But make sure you take in the Christmas Lights around town! #TheChristmasSeasonIsHere


Wood Buffalo Goes Techie
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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 11:36

Have you heard about the new apps that have recently been launched by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo?

If you thought we were playing catch up with a lot of things in Fort McMurray, take for example roads, housing, etc, you may be right. But, the RMWB has jumped on the bandwagon of citizen engagement with two new apps. Sure other cities may have had these for a while but I for one am stoked we now have apps that support resident experience and welcome feedback.

The first is the ‘Best of Wood Buffalo’ – an app where you rate your favourite places in Wood Buffalo. Be it a restaurant, trail or store. Let people know what you appreciate in town so others can check out the ‘best of Wood Buffalo’. This will be a great resource for newcomers and residents!

The second is the ‘PingStreet’ app. Recently launched to help residents know what is going on within the city. Whether its road closures or finding out what colour garbage bin goes out on what day, it’s all convienantly found on this app – and kept up to date. You can even take a photo of a pothole and send in its location so the city can fill it in!

Check out these great new apps now by downloading them from your app store – the more we use them the better they’ll be and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new restaurant in town you didn’t know about!

Family Day Weekend Is Here!
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Friday, 14 February 2014 11:21

On this Family Day weekend, make sure you do what it says on the tin… have, at least a day, with the family! In this crazy world that we live in of social media and non stop work and busyness, sometimes we have to be reminded to take some down time. Fortunately for those of us living in Alberta, we’re given a day off from work to do just that!

There are so many winter activities to do in Wood Buffalo with the whole family! Whether it’s ice fish, tobogganing, skiing, sledding or hiking, make sure you get the whole family together and enjoy the region we call home. If you’re not much of a winter person, do something indoors with the family! One of my favourite things to do is bake. Ok well I’m not usually the one baking, but I can still help (and then do most of the eating). How about a games night? The options are endless!

If you’ve not got family in town or you know someone that hasn’t got anyone in Fort McMurray, this is a great opportunity to invite them to do an activity with you and make them feel loved and welcomed! Whatever you chose to do this Family Day, have fun, stay safe and enjoy the blessing of friends and family!

24 Hours For #SubzeroYMM
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Friday, 17 January 2014 11:03

This weekend I’ll be undertaking a little challenge. I’m headed out onto Gregoire Lake to see what it’s like to be outdoors for 24 hours. It’s to raise awareness and funds for the Centre of Hope, in particular their Subzero Challenge campaign.

We’ll be building quinzees (snow caves) to sleep in which will be an experience in itself. The challenge will be staying warm for 24 hours! Fortunately the weather at the moment is oddly warm for our region so I’m grateful for that, but we have to remember that there are many people that have to do this everyday and night in our city in temperatures much worse.

If you’d like to stay up to date with how we get on for the duration of the 24 hours, follow us on twitter @kaos911radio and visit our Facebook page as I’ll be posting commentary and photos during the challenge. You can also search the hash-tag ‘#subzeroymm’ to see all the tweets from participants during the event.

To donate to the Centre of Hope and support us as we spend 24 hours in subzero temperatures visit

Driving With Snow Plows
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Monday, 06 January 2014 12:38

We’ve had quite a bit of snow this winter, and a fair share of ice too! Here are a few tips to remember when driving with snow plows on the roads. Don’t forget to always drive to the conditions!


- Blading snow off the road creates a “mini blizzard” next to and behind the snow

plow, especially in windy conditions. This is referred to as the SNOW ZONE.


- It can be difficult to see snow removal equipment within the Snow Zone. Watch for

the black and yellow checkerboard, wind scoop and flashing amber and red lights –

called wig wag lights – on the rear of the snow plow truck.


- When you encounter a snow plow on the highway, your visibility may be limited.

Slow down and drive with caution.


- New legislation requires that motorists slow to 60 km when passing a snow plow

with lights flashing whether the snow plow is in operation or pulled over to the side

of the road.


- Snow plows must travel slower than regular traffic when pushing snow and

spreading salt and sand.  Maintain a safe distance, be patient and give the snow

plow operator room to do his/her job.  Snow plows may be travelling at speeds as

slow as 30 km when spreading salt.


- Snow plows pull over about every 10 km to allow motorists to pass, so take your

time, wait and be safe.


- Snow plows stop at all railway crossings to ensure it is safe to cross and that the

plow blade will clear the track.


- Snow plow operators are often out in treacherous conditions to make the highways

as safe as possible for you – not to get in your way. It is up to you to be cautious and

drive safely in the Snow Zone.


- Every winter, snow plows are hit by motorists that don’t see them or see them too

late. The vast majority of these accidents are rear‐end collision incidents where

motorists have not driven with caution in the snow zone.


Information obtained from:,104,81,1,Documents&MediaID=6221&Filename=Snow+Plow+Safety+Fact+Sheet+2011-12.pdf

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